During all this time we stayed true to our principles of business and operations.

What Separates The Good From The Best


Lakeside Pools was founded on the idea that by offering a higher grade of materials and design our success would surpass other companies trying to be the cheapest option.

Rather than relying on expensive, mass advertising to break into the market we relied solely on word of mouth and a growing reputation. We slowly built relationships that have allowed us to grow our business responsibly and successfully. This approach has allowed us to continue to invest in the best materials and give our customers the finest quality pool design in the valley wide. When you visit one of our showrooms, you will be able to see the quality of equipment and materials that create a higher quality product.

The result when you select us is not only an integrated backyard living space that explodes with excitement when you first see it, but a backyard that will continue to excite your family for years to come.

Distinctive Features

Lakeside Pools and Spas has a number of distinctive features, designs and services that are all aimed at providing the customer with the best service and a final result that will last for years. From reinforced steel structures and commercial style construction, to venturi skimmers and LED lights as our standards – we build to last! If it was not for our loyal and satisfied customers, we would not have risen to the top of the best pool design and service companies in the area.

Our values :

  • Trust – because you matter
  • Integrity – Because we do what’s right
  • Quality – because we want your project to last
  • Honesty – Because it matters, we do what we say

Of course, there is more to what makes Lakeside Pools unique in its industry.


Giving Back

Our success is based on both the quality of work that we do and the loyalty of our customers. But we also give back to the community as a whole and to the individual customer as well. Because we are a local business we understand our customers local needs.

We do this by:

  • making our prices affordable for virtually every homeowner
  • lowering our overhead
  • reducing our profit margins
  • never reducing the quality of our work


The management and support people at Lakeside Pools are a family of sorts that works in tandem in the best interests of the customer. As was said at the beginning, there is a reason we are well-known valley wide. However, there are many reasons, all of them collectively making a difference to each customer. We want to see your design or need become a reality.

You will hear a lot of advertising and marketing from our competition, but we base our business on gaining the trust of every customer and giving them the chance to know about us before deciding who is the company best suited to meet their individual needs. Like landscaping and pool design, every customer has special requirements and a vision for their home. We want to see your vision become a reality.


If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for a pool builder. We just had a pool built by Lakeside Pools. The pool is stunning, and if you are interested in seeing the work they do, contact us! I would recommend this company because we now have an exceptional pool. The guys who built the pool really knew what they were doing, and we are delighted with our new pool.  Did I mention the waterfall??? I LOVE it!!! Just beautiful!


After being discouraged and canceling our initial pool contract with another vendor we were feeling ready to abandon the idea of having a pool and spa until we met with the owner of Lakeside Pools.  After we met with him at our home and much consideration, we decided to hire Lakeside Pools. Now that our pool and spa project is complete, we have absolutely no regrets with our contractor choice.


We started using lakeside to do our weekly service a bit over two years ago when we also added their mineral spring spa to our older pool. We are nothing but delighted. They replaced and old pool, pump saving us about twenty dollars a month on our electric. Lakeside has been n time every week, and the pool has never looked better. We enthusiastically recommend both their products and service!


If you can envision it, then we can build it. Tell us more about your project